endlessly about


    endlessly about

    >time [mp3 cue]

    accelera deck|the shimmer and the static
    [[[[vrssnn]]]]|whispers in the waiting
    auburn lull|between trains
    windy & carl|surfacing
    aarktica|morning one
    tinfoil star|how tears can change your face
    foehn|sailing in oval rooms
    third eye foundation|rain
    hood|horse opera remix
    e.a.r.|the calm beyond
    amp|soft stone soul
    stars of the lid|broken harbors, pt.2

    >space [mp3 cue]

    pandora box|fugue
    domotic|some things to be aware of when mastering digitally
    christian kleine|kritzel
    low|down (porter ricks remix)
    tim hecker|music for tundra pts. 1 & 2
    desormais| world remains
    gas|zauberberg 7
    loscil| kursk
    signer|post obsession
    aphex twin|'stone in focus'
    loess|alt. tone. two
    miles tilmann|smallest flame
    manual/icebreaker|now forever
    brian eno|an ending (ascent)
    global communication|12 18